• Please be aware that whilst the majority of orders are unaffected, COVID-19 may still cause delays to a small number of parcels as our courier partners react to the ongoing situation.
  • Our Support Team remain available to answer your questions and queries.



  • Tain-Joan supports international delivery. We settles 3 transportation services which could as far as possible to meet your delivery requirements.
  • Estimated delivery costs, dates, as well as important information are available for each of the regions we ship to below. An exact delivery cost and target date will be calculated and made available during step 1 of checkout.
  • Please note that for all orders, a signature will be required. Tracking information will be provided via email once your order leaves our Distribution Centre.



  • Free Shipping
  • Priority Shipping
  • Express Shipping

  *Notice :

  • Shipping price and delivery times will vary by country and product weight.
  • For the following global average transit time will for reference only, Tain-Joan won't promise an accurate delivery time.





  • Recommendation : The most economical and practical
  • Features : Reach the majority of Countries and Locations except for remote regions
  • Tracking Information: YES
  • Estimated Time: 7~20 Business Days
  • Estimated Cost: $0
  • Tracking: 17track



  • NO.01 - 07~12 Days > The United States


  • NO.01 - 06~09 Days > the United Kingdom
  • NO.02 - 06~10 Days > France
  • NO.03 - 06~10 Days > Germany
  • NO.04 - 07~12 Days > Italy
  • NO.05 - 10~15 Days > Spain / Austria / Netherlands / Luxembourg
  • NO.06 - 10~15 Days > Belgium / Czech Republic / Denmark / Ireland / Hungary / Lithuania / Slovenia / Slovakia
  • NO.07 - 12~20 Days > Sweden / Latvia / Portugal



  • Recommendation : With higher performance and efficiency Solution
  • Features : Reach the almost main countries and Locations including a few remote regions
  • Tracking Information: YES
  • Estimated Time: 07~12 Business Days
  • Estimated Cost: $25+ (calculate when ordered)
  • Tracking: 17track

Service Range and Transit Time Reference (in Business Day)


  • NO.01 - 05~12 Days > The United States


  • NO.02 - 04~07 Days > the United Kingdom
  • NO.03 - 05~08 Days > France
  • NO.04 - 06~09 Days > Germany
  • NO.05 - 05~13 Days > Italy
  • NO.06 - 05~08 Days > Austria (Except WA)
  • NO.07 - 06~09 Days > Spain



  • Recommendation :  The Fastest and Highest Benefit
  • Features : Reach and link up the most countries and Locations with the capability to deliver into remote regions.
  • Tracking Information: YES
  • Estimated Time: 04~06 Business Days
  • Estimated Cost: $30+ (calculate when ordered)
  • Tracking: 17Track


Asia Pacific

  • NO.01 - 02~03 Days > Singapore
  • NO.02 - 02~04 Days > Malaysia
  • NO.03 - 02~04 Days > Korea
  • NO.04 - 02~04 Days > Japan
  • NO.05 - 03~04 Days > Vietnam
  • NO.06 - 03~04 Days > Thailand 
  • NO.07 - 03~05 Days > Mongolia 
  • NO.08 - 03~05 Days > Indonesia (For remote islands in Indonesia, extra 04~06 working days may be required.)
  • NO.09 - 03~05 Days > Myanmar
  • NO.10 - 04~06 Days > India
  • NO.11 - 04~06 Days > Cambodia

The Middle East and Africa 

  • NO.01 - 04~05 Days > United Arab Emirates
  • NO.02 - 06~08 Days > Togo / The Republic of Congo / Ghana / Cameroon / Mali /  Nigeria / Tanzania / Uganda


  • NO.01 - 02~03 Days > United States
  • NO.02 - 03~05 Days > Canada
  • NO.03 - 03~05 Days > Mexico
  • NO.04 - 04~06 Days > Brazil / Chile / Columbia / Venezuela / Suriname / Ecuador / Peru / Bolivia / Uruguay / Argentina


  • NO.01 - 03~05 Days > 28 European countries as below
  • Bulgaria / Switzerland / Estonia / Finland / Greece / Lithuania / Latvia / Norway / Poland / Romania /
  • Sweden / Belgium / Netherlands / Germany / Britain / Italy / France / Luxembourg / Austria / Czech / 
  • Denmark / Spain / Hungary / Ireland /  Portugal / Slovakia / Croatia / Slovenia


  • Shipping price and delivery times will vary by country and product weight.
  • For the following global average transit time will for reference only, Tain-Joan won't promise an accurate delivery time.The actual delivery time is subject to the actual transshipping time.
  • The above transit time excludes uncontrollable factors like customs detention or inspection of shipments, etc.
  • The standard transit time refers to working days only, excluding weekends and public holidays.
  • For shipments that involve formal customs declaration, which may require 1 extra working day due to operations of customs affairs.



Tain-Joan also supports the following international logistics service

  • DHL  
  • FedEx     
  • UPS


  • Please contact us if you have need to change the shipping method.
  • Please note that the above additional shipping methods (DHL / FedEx / UPS) with the average transit time on official website which will for reference only, Tain-Joan won't promise an accurate delivery time.

Please contact us if you are not sure / want to know about shipping methods

  • Whether your location is an acceptable delivery area or not ?

        (1) Delivery Regional Restriction

  • Please understand that the transportation will exist delivery restriction, some remotes islands couldn't be reached or need to change another delivery methods. Tain-Joan will help to confirm whether your location is acceptable and deliverable or not.

        (2) Delivery Methods Restriction

  • Please note that some regions will only accept express shipping. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Change shipping methods ?

        (1) If you want to change your shipping methods before ordering

  • Please note that if you would like to change the another preferred transportation party, It might exist a shipping cost different which customer will be charged.
  • The shipping fee cost differents will be calculated on the payment page accordingly. If you have any question about your shipping cost, please contact us for further information: [email protected]

        (2) If you want to change your shipping methods after ordered

  • Please understand that it is only acceptable to change shipping methods when ordered within 24 hours (start from your payment completely time. Please be aware that our package arrangement will within 24 hours.).
  • Please be aware that the shipping methods couldn't be changed once your order has been delivered.


  • Customs Clearance Issues about shipping methods

        (1) About Custom Duties

  • If you have got a custom duties payment requirement when your package arrived at your location. Please note that the claim fee is charged by your local custom, not Tain-Joan.
  • Please kindly understand that the responsibility for the customs clearance fee will belong to the customer when the package arrives at your destination.
  • The customs duties will be calculated by your local customs, Tain-Joan will not promise to calculate or estimate accurate customs duties numbers for you.

        (2) About Custom Clearance

  • Worry and Complex? : Don't worry about customs clearance, Tain-Joan, and your local customs will help and assist you together to go through your clearance process.
  • Necessary? : Whether your package will need to go through the clearance process or not, will depend on your local custom, please kindly understand that Tain-Joan couldn't provide you an accurate answer.
  • How Long? : About clearance process time and detainment time of package, it will depend on your information submission time and your local custom proceeding time. Please kindly provide your required information to customs once you received a clearance announcement from the local customs. Meanwhile, if you are confused or don't know what to do about custom's requirements, feel free to contact us to support you.
  • How I can know? : Please pay close attention and track your package delivery information (including your phone call, message, the contact number you have provided in your delivery information). Your local transportation and custom will remind you of the next steps.

        (3) Refuse / Out of Touch to Go through the custom clearance process

  • If the customer refuses / out of touch to go through the customs clearance process within 3 days when the package arrives at your destination and be announced to clearance according to the official tracking information. Tain-Joan will regard it as an intentional act and cause irreparable harm for which monetary damages.
  • Please note that Tain-Joan will be entitled to take 60%~90% of even the whole amount of products (excluding an extra fee by custom or overdue fine) from the customer's total products fee as compensation of customer breach of business contract. The compensation will depend on the actual situation.

  • Delivery Losing or Stop ?

        (1) About Parcel Losing

  • Situation: If you noticed that you didn't received your packge from within 30 days, please contact us immediately. We will check with logistic center.
  • Solution: Tain-Joan will refund you completely if your package unfortunately lost during the shipping within 30 days according to the offical approval documentation by the transportation party we have took.


        (2) About Transit Information Stop Update

  • Situation: If you noticed that your delivery information didn't update within few days. Please understand the transportation didn't have real time updated if on week-end. The transportation and custom will exsite updating delay.
  • Solution: If you still cannot find the updated under the condition of we mentioned, please contact us, we will have further confirmation with logistic center.